• Libra season starts on September 23, 2021 and ends on October 22, 2021.
  • There are 12 astrological seasons total, each coinciding with the 12 signs of the zodiac.
  • Libra season is all about making your dreams a reality and finding peace in your life.

While you probably have some idea of where you want to be in life, having the guts to actually make it happen can be tough. Well, get ready to reach for your dreams, like, for real during Libra season.

Running from September 23, 2021 to October 22, 2021, Libra season is just one of the 12 astrological seasons that happen each month. Each of those astrological seasons has its own distinct ~vibe~ going on, and that can impact a bunch of different things in your life, from work to relationships to everything in between.

During Libra season, you’ll be all about going after what you want, making you a happier, more satisfied human in the process, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta. Yay you! That’s not all, though. Here’s what else your zodiac sign can expect during Libra season.

What does Libra season mean for your sign?

For starters, this year's Libra season is really big—massive, even—about going for what you want in life. Seriously, what are you waiting for, an engraved invitation? Well, consider that signed, sealed, and delivered by the universe.

Mars, the planet of action, is in the mix, pushing you to actually go for that dream job, swanky new apartment, and cutie that’s caught your eye. Because why not? You’ll have a huge feeling in your gut that it’s go time—and you’ll get after it.

Libra season is also huge for your social life. You don’t want your days to be all work and no play, after all. You’ll be ready to connect with a bunch of different people, whether it’s by grabbing margs on the patio of your favorite restaurant or connecting with buddies at an outdoor concert.

One other thing to keep in mind: Libra season will encourage you to find peace and harmony in your life. Drama can head the other way, TYVM.

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It's not entirely smooth sailing, though. Given that you’re all take-charge these days, you’ll have little (read: zero) tolerance for people who can’t commit to plans. Like, you need a yes or no on who is joining for that girls' trip…why is this so hard?

Libra season will impact every astrological sign, but Libra signs and Aries signs will feel it the strongest, Page says.

How will Libra season affect the rest of your year?

Once you start going for what you ~really~ want in life, it kinda feels like you can mic drop everything—and you’ll revel in just how truly awesome that is. Knowing you’re actually working toward making your dreams a reality will make you feel more positive than you’ve been in a while.

On the socializing front, making a point to get out and spend time with friends will feel amazing—and you’ll commit to doing it more in the future.

Finally, keeping drama at bay will make you realize how seamless your life is without it. You’ll work hard to ditch it at every chance you get going forward.

When’s the next zodiac season?

The next season is Scorpio season, which runs from October 23, 2021 through November 21, 2021. During Scorpio season, you’ll feel a little more emotional and sexual than usual, so get ready for all the intense feels.

But for now, just enjoy the feeling of going for what you really want in life—you've got this.